Need Nutrients to Support Your Energy?

7 thoughts on “Nutrients You Need To Overcome Fatigue

  1. Ernie says:

    Doc, can you tell me how i can get these things checked without going to a doctor because i haven’t been to a doctor for at least 20 years, i’m a professional boxing trainer in my time of gone from 20 stone down to 11 stone now i’m around 13 stone i’m 52, i still train not not as much as i’d like to now, i still run, but i get a bit of back pain on my lower right hand side and a bit on my right hand side just above my hip, i take vitamin D3 and Berocca everyday, but that only been for the last couple of months, i don’t sleep every well and sometime i can feel drained, it’s almost 12 at night here and i’ll be going running very soon, do you think there’s a problem with, maybe a kidney stone, i also take bicarbonate of soda and honey and i and take yakult most days and i also have just started eating natural yogurt, but i still have pain most days. Thank you so much.

  2. Jane says:

    Thanks for your talk. I have had Celiac disease for twenty years. Now I have been diagnosed with gall stones and fatty liver. I am also depressed and suffering from insomnia and fatigue. I am very interested in what I can do to get help with these things.

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