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Let’s talk about symptoms of vitamin B5 deficiency.
If you suspect that you are low on vitamin B5, pay attention to the following symptoms:

One of the symptoms is premature graying of the hair. Premature graying of the hair is a hallmark classic symptom of severe vitamin B five deficiency. Originally when this vitamin was originally discovered by the famed biochemist Roger Williams, he called it the “anti graying factor”. What was discovered is that when mice were deprived of vitamin B5, then their brown coats would turn gray. And if you introduced B5 back into their diet, their gray coats will turn back to brown.

When you’re on longterm steroids, one of the side effects of that is it will reduce your body’s natural ability to produce your own cortisol. Remember that those longterm steroids are corticosteroids. Over time, they actually can shrink your own adrenal glands or atrophy your own adrenal glands, leading you with less of an ability to produce your own cortisol. Think of who’s on a longterm steroid – people with asthma inhalers, people with chronic pain, chronic inflammation, intermittent steroids, people with traumatic injuries or traumas where you’ve had steroid injections or things of that nature multiple times to get the injury under control. I have seen a number of cases where people were in this scenario and higher doses of vitamin B5 were extremely helpful at helping them dig themselves out of that hole where their adrenal glands were in a fatigued mode.

One of the other symptoms is the inability to cope with stress. If you’re not coping with stress very well, if you’ve found that at one point in your life, you could really handle a lot more stress than what you’re capable of handling today. That might also be a sign that your vitamin B five levels aren’t adequate. So inability to cope with stress. And again, this is one of the reasons why B5 is the anti-stress hormone, the anti-stress factor, you need B5 to produce cortisol.

Fatigue and lack of focus are also a symptoms of vitamin B5 deficiency. Think of it as lack of brain focus. Brain fog itself can be a symptom of vitamin B5 deficiency.

One of the hallmark classic symptoms is burning foot neuropathy and this is where the feet burn. That is called a burning neuropathy, and it’s very, very common and classic to see vitamin B5 deficiency create this type of problem.

So these are your classic symptoms of vitamin B5 deficiency. Premature gray hair, inability to cope with stress are probably two of the big ones. And then fatigue is a little bit more generic. Brain fog is a little bit more in generic because there’s a lot of different causes for these. And then another classic, the burning foot neuropathy. If you’ve got that, there’s a very, very strong possibility that you have a vitamin B5 deficiency. Now, a lot of people don’t believe in vitamin B five deficiency. A lot of our healthcare providers and community don’t believe in vitamin B five deficiency. I think one of the reasons why they don’t believe in it is because, not that it doesn’t exist, but no one tests for it.

If you never test for it, you don’t really see it. So you can say that it doesn’t exist. I test for it and everybody who walks through the door, and I see it as a very, very common scenario, especially in people who have chronic inflammatory problems and they’re under tremendous stress from the illness and from the medications that they’re on.

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