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L-Glutamine – Who Benefits From Supplementation?

Glutamine has a number of researched benefits. If you want to know whether supplementing with glutamine is the right approach for your nutrition, check out the mini crash course on glutamine below.

L-Glutamine Supplementation can be helpful in a variety of different situations. Research shows that those who benefit from glutamine are:

1. Cancer patients going through chemo and radiation therapies
2. Those who have repetitive infections
3. Those who are getting ready to or are recovering from surgery
4. Those who have detoxification issues might benefit from glutamine supplementation
5. Those who have a leaky gut.
6. Those with an autoimmune illness
7. If you struggle with putting on muscle, you might benefit from glutamine supplemenation.
8. Those who suffer with brain fog
9. Those who have sugar cravings.

5 thoughts on “L-Glutamine – Who Benefits From Supplementation?

  1. Angela kramer says:

    Thanks so much for the best information we getting from you, you’re the best , of the bests πŸ‘πŸ™πŸ˜˜

  2. Mickie Stacy says:

    I have taken L-Glutamine for many years but still have diarrhea. I have been diagnosed with microscopic colitis due to antibiotic and Ibuprofen use in 2012. I’m assuming that microscopic colitis is inflammation and small perforations in the large colon and is causing the diarrhea.. No matter what I have done over the years to correct this, nothing works. The only thing that controls the diarrhea is budesonide, a steroid. I do not want to take this, but it is the only thing that works.

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