00:00 – I think my tell for gluten exposure is “brain fog”.
00:57 – is there a link with gluten and OCD?
01:10 – can gluten cause multiple chemical sensitivities?
01:46 – how long does it take for your brain or spinal cord to develop a lesion after being exposed to gluten?
03:51 – I have Celiac and ataxia. How much Vitamin C should I take?
04:40 – I have had microscopic colitis for 25 years
05:30 – can LPS form a biofilm?
05:56 – is IGG deficiency possible to repair?
07:58 – can fatty liver and diabetes cause the same leaky brain symptoms?
08:30 – migraines, depression, seizures
09:33 – how is it that centenarians in Italy eat grains and pasta yet still live for so long?
11:16 – would shingles be related to gluten exposure?
12:49 – I was diagnosed with MS and was told to avoid gluten.
14:09 – is it possible to heal nerve damage with a grain free diet?
15:42 – GI doctor told me not to take vitamin D unless test shows that it is low.
16:10 – is there a connection between gluten and Parkinson’s?
17:07 – My 12 year olds hands are shaking. Could that be a symptom?
19:45 – when you inadvertently consume gluten, what should you do?
20:34 – lemon seed consumption?
21:21 – blurry or double vision?
21:35 – root causes of degenerative disc disease
22:00 – is L-glutamine good to use for leaky gut?
22:40 – can celiac disease kill you in the long run?
23:10 – what is the one best food to fight inflammation?
24:30 – collagen for a leaky gut?
25:30 – can you eat too much meat?
26:53 – what do you think about alpha lipoic acid as a chelator of heavy metals?
27:35 – would tinnitus be considered a neurological problem if it was not due to noise?
28:37 – supplements being pulled from the market
29:25 – do probiotics make inflammation worse?
31:07 – best testing to see if you are gluten sensitive?
31:40 – my doctor told me: “don’t eat gluten, and see what happens”
33:34 – is white willow complex okay for people with tinnitus?
33:45 – is it okay to eat sorghum?
34:24 – Supplements to pull radiation out?
35:10 – more thoughts on the va((ine.

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