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Is there a natural cure for diabetes? Simple answer is yes. Type II diabetes is a disease of choice. Reversing diabetes is much easier than you think, but it requires a major diet and lifestyle change. If you are looking to overcome diabetes naturally consider doing these three things:
1. Stop eating sugar. Sugar causes and worsens diabetes.
2. Stop consuming processed dairy. Dairy is contributes to elevations in blood sugar and insulin.
3. Don’t eat grain. In my book, No Grain No Pain, I detail the specifics of how grain elevates blood sugar, inflammation, and leads to muscle loss along with increased risk for diabetes. Additionally, I discuss the connection between gluten and diabetes.

Eat plenty of dark green leafy vegetables, and be aware that even some natural foods might drive elevations in your blood sugar.

Bonus Tips:
4. Exercise. Muscle mass improves insulin sensitivity. Lack of activity can lead to elevations of blood sugar and type 2 diabetes.
5. Eat a balance of macronutrients analyzing your carb, fat, protein ratios starting with the rule of 3rds.
6. Supplements that will support healthy blood sugar are chromium, magnesium, vitamin D, and zinc.

Bottom line: A natural cure for diabetes resides in you. Your behaviors, diet, activity, etc. If you want to reverse type 2 diabetes, start with changing your behaviors.

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