One of the things that’s happening right now too is we’re seeing trillions being printed. Printing money doesn’t improve the currency. It reduces the value of the currency. And right now the dollar has a really nice purchasing power. But the more bills that are passed that are giving out handouts to people who are in dire need right now, the more the dollar will get devalued. And so fast forward several months, fast forward when the dollar has lost its value and because of the food shortage, potentially the price of food generally will go up, right? So we’re going to get this trillions being printed, which equals a reduced capacity for your dollar to have value.

The cost of food goes up and we already said earlier that the potential for the availability of food, healthy food, particularly in healthy food is already more expensive. So now you have to add a shortage to that. The cost is even greater and then you add the reduction in the dollar to potentially the dollar value.

And again, I’m not saying that this is going to happen folks, I’m just trying to prepare you for the worst potential possible scenario so that you can plan now because your dollar today is worth a lot more than it’s going to be. If we keep printing money, and this is, this is fact, you can’t print money out of thin air. It’s gotta be backed by something tangible. And if you’re printing money that that doesn’t have any backing, then again, the dollar value is going to go down.

There’s no way to predict. There was no way to predict what was gonna happen six months ago. If you would’ve tried to predict what we saw happen in the last four months everybody would have called you crazy then. So again, I’m just trying to prepare you for the potential that this is a very real, very possible scenario. And if you’re not thinking ahead, you should be. And so my recommendation to you is not to hoard food. You’re not hoarding things so other people can’t have it. You’re actually just planning so that you have enough in case something does happen. That’s planning, not hoarding.

Don’t let anybody make you feel guilty about planning ahead. But my advice is make sure you’ve got enough on hand so that you can maintain your health. Because if we do have bigger problems coming down the pipeline with this thing, you need to be able to be healthy so that you can think and take action, whatever that action needs to be.

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