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How to protect yourself from the corona virus outbreak.

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We’re talking all about the Coronavirus, and what you should be doing to protect yourself, and your family from getting exposure and keeping your immune system strong and healthy so that if you do come across somebody who’s got an exposure, you minimize your opportunities at getting really quite sick.

Let’s dive into some of the biggest strategies that you need to make sure that you’re implementing right now. So strategy number one – avoiding major public places. Some doctors are saying, if you think you’re sick to run to the hospital or to run to your doctor’s office, and it actually might be a mistake. If you think you’re sick, the first thing to do is protect yourself and potentially quarantine yourself from infecting others. If you run out in the public, you’re going to run a greater risk of allowing other people to be infected.

If you do have to get out in public spaces, mask up. If you don’t already have one, you can pick up a mask. And remember this virus spreads. It spreads through coughing, through sneezing, so through fluids. Wearing the mask protects you from breathing it in but also protects you if you are infected from sneezing it out and potentially affecting or infecting other people. Mask up, protect yourself, mitigate and minimize your exposure to the aerosolization from other people where you might be able to pick this up.

Sleep. Nothing beats a good night’s sleep to improve and promote the health of your immune system. We know that sleep deprivation leads to immune suppression. So deprivation of sleep will crash your immune system and make you more susceptible. And what we’re trying to do is make you stronger, make you more resilient so that you can prevent this from being a potential problem. My advice to you is, is be asleep. Don’t get in bed at midnight – be asleep between the hours of 10:00 PM and 2:00 AM. Preferably you’re sleeping at least a solid eight hours, but it’s that 10:00 PM to 2:00 AM timeframe where your body’s going to do a lot of its healing and repairing and restorative sleep. It’s very critical that you’re getting to bed on time.

Sugar also crashes the immune system. Sugar will wreck your immune system just as much as sleep deprivation. There’s studies where we can see immune cells basically not functioning very well when they’re exposed to high levels of sugar. There’s so much hidden sugar in so many of our foods. What you’re actually doing consistently over time is this slow poisoning of yourself that leads to immune system immune system detriment. It leads to an inability or reduced stability for your immune system to be able to protect you from environmental antigens. Things like viruses. Avoid sugar and you’ll do your immune system a ton of favors.
Number five, eat real food. Stay out of fast food restaurants, stay out of restaurants in general right now. Remember, one of the greatest ways or the easiest ways that we can get contamination is through somebody infected handling and contaminating your food. And so eating “real food”, in my opinion, means eating at home where you know where the food comes from. And number two, you’re handling and preparing your own food to mitigate and minimize the risk of picking up the potential for an infection problem. Eating real food also goes a long way to nourishing your body’s immune system.

Sun exposure is known to improve immune function. Not just for the vitamin D, although the vitamin D is a very important part of what happens when you get regular sun exposure. That vitamin D is an antiviral. Remember, vitamin D helps regulate your immune system strength. It helps appropriate your immune system’s response and deficiency in vitamin D can tank your immune system.

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