Though eating is often a social and celebratory event, you should be aware that every time you put something in your mouth, your gut has to “go to war” with it. In essence eating can be summarized as a war between your food and your gut.

If you think about the process of digestion in a simplistic way, your GI tract (comprised of everything between your mouth and anus) is designed to physically and chemically break down your food.

During this process your body uses extreme physical forces (chewing, peristalsis) to mechanically break down your food.
During this process your body uses powerful digestive chemicals (stomach and bile acids and enzymes) to chemically break down your food.
Your gut also employs an immune army to help separate and eliminate the toxins present in food, from your body.
Your gut has 5 primary barriers that are designed to protect you from the potential dangers in your food. These barriers serve to ensure healthy digestion, nutrient absorption, and immune support. When these barriers become compromised, big problems can arise that predispose you to a multitude of diseases.

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