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In this episode of Pick Dr. Osborne’s Brain, we discuss questions from the Glutenology Masterclass – the ultimate class for those with celiac disease and gluten sensitivity.
If you are a gluten free newbie, or newly diagnosed with celiac, this is a class you don’t want to miss.

00:00 – intro and info about the Masterclass and Modules 1 and 2
01:50 – is there any kind of flour that is safe if you are gluten sensitive?
05:10 – how do I know if I am in fact gluten sensitive?
08:10 – can gluten sensitivity cause cracking of the heels?
09:42 – is reishi coffee good for you?
11:20 – I have leaky gut from mold exposure, how should I proceed?
12:48 – what is the difference between the masterclass packages?
14:20 – what is a good process for healing the lining of the gut?
16:10 – I got blood blisters after consuming palm oil.
16:50 – I have severe ulcerative colitis and need help.
17:55 – Many gluten or grain free products use tapioca as a subsitute, should we be concerned?
19:25 – is there an acceptable gluten free pasta?
22:20 – what if my financial situation is keeping me from good health?
24:10 – thoughts on marshmallow root and slippery elm?
24:30 – Other suggestions to help with IBS?
26:13 – COVID and wheat allergy?
28:09 – can gluten cause low platelet count?
28:45 – my stomach hurts 15 minutes after I eat and then goes away. What can it be?
30:02 – supplements for a wheat allergy?
30:44 – what about buckwheat?
31:09 – organic pea protein?
31:57 – Can you diagnose celiac from a genetic test?
33:40 – what does it mean if I test positive for a two and eight?
35:00 – Is magnesium stearate dangerous?
35:30 – Is there a vanilla extract that is gluten free?
36:10 – I seem to be allergic to the tomatoes in spaghetti sauce.
38:04 – intermittent fasting?
39:40 – benefits of an elimination diet
40:55 – can gluten sensitivity cause fatty acid deficiency?
42:00 – can gluten recovery cause pepper intolerance?
42:40 – hair tests for food sensitivity?
43:14 – how do you get coffee without the mold or mycotoxins?
44:10 – recommendation for multivitamins with methylated B vitamins?
46:45 – Watching oxalate levels
49:07 – liquid D3 dosage
50:15 – Can oxalates cause issues with inflammation?
50:50 – Help with alopecia?
52:20 – I’m grain and gluten free but my liver swells when I eat.
53:05 – why can you find oats in rice that says gluten free?
57:50 – Minimizing the niacin response when taking a multivitamin.
58:50 – Is it dangerous to have too much B12 in your serum?
1:00:00 – is it hard to be gluten free if others in your house eat gluten?
1:01:45 – can biotin irritate skin?
1:02:00 – does what we eat matter if animals are grain fed?
1:03:00 – have you ever seen erythromyalgia?
1:04:10 – importance of checking nutrition when going through chemo
1:05:00 – air hunger and gluten
1:05:49 – beri beri
1:06:45 – can celiac disease cause tinnitus?

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