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Gluten Sensitivity Testing – What is The Most Accurate Test?

“How can I tell if I am sensitive to gluten?” This is a question many ask themselves. When looking at how to identify gluten sensitivity, there are a number of lab tests that you can discuss with your doctor to help you get the most accurate answer.

There are a number of pitfalls in gluten sensitivity testing. The most common types of medical tests used to determine celiac disease and non celiac gluten sensitivity are blood tests. These lab tests for gluten can be summarized as follows:

Blood tests have a tendency to be inaccurate due to false negative results. The testing largely depends on antibodies. Many have gluten reactions that are not related to antibody production. Additionally, the available antibody tests only look at antibodies to select types of gluten or immune responses.

The biopsy to identify gluten reactions is also prone toward false negative, as it depends on identifying damage from a microscopic selection of tissue in the small intestine.

Genetic testing offers the most reliable way to discern the predisposition to react to gluten based proteins found in grain.

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