Join Dr. Osborne as we discuss oral health problems and gluten on this edition of Pic Dr. Osborne’s Brain

Gluten In Your Mouth – Oral Manifestations & Symptoms of Gluten Sensitivity

When you think about symptoms of gluten sensitivity, your mind might immediately go to digestive disturbances – things like acid reflux, bloating, or diarrhea. Or you might think of other symptoms like skin disturbances or migraines. But did you know that signs of gluten sensitivities can show up in the mouth? It’s true, and in fact, it’s been found that oral health problems are more commonly experienced in adult patients with celiac disease than those without.

There are several different ways that gluten exposure can manifest as oral health issues, and each can also have compounding effects on the rest of your health. We’ll dig into this discussion below and also provide some actionable tips for you to optimally manage your oral health.

00:01 – Intro to Tonight’s Show: Gluten In Your Mouth & What to look out for

02:00 – Vicious Cycle: Oral Health and Gluten Exposure

08:00 – Symptoms of Gluten Mouth Exposure

14:00 – Genetic Testing for Gluten Sensitivity & Literature Review

18:00 – Nutrient Deficiencies that Impact Your Oral Health

30:00 – Here are 7 Tips for Optimal Oral Health

35:00 – Live Q&A Discussion

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