Vitamin D is technically not even a vitamin. As we learn more about biochemistry, we actually realize that Vitamin D is more of a hormone than it is a vitamin.

Your pancreas is supposed to secrete insulin, and then insulin takes the sugar in your blood (your glucose) and puts it inside the cell. It basically unlocks the door in your cell and allows sugar to get out of your bloodstream.

When you have adequate Vitamin D and that Vitamin D connects to those pancreatic receptors, it stimulates the production of insulin, which then can help you regulate your blood sugar. Vitamin D is just one of the first steps in making sure that you produce adequate insulin to get your blood sugar regulated.

Vitamin D also tells your small intestine to absorb calcium. When you’re eating calcium rich foods from the diet these cells are responsible for pulling that calcium into your bloodstream.

With Vitamin D deficiency, your calcium absorption massively reduces to the point where it can create diseases like osteoporosis and rickets.

Vitamin D also functions to help your hormones work properly.

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    Hi Dr Osborne thank yo with this info, however I still don’t understand how to take it, can you help me with this please ?

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