Turn off the TV, turn off the media, don’t buy into the hype! They’re lying now. Why are they lying? I think many of us could speculate as to why they’re lying. I think there’s an agenda that’s trying to be pushed. I think part of it is deeper than what most of us know or understand or have access to information to be able to ascertain. But at the same time, it’s obviously a narrative. So I don’t want to harp and focus too deeply on this topic, but I thought I would just share my thought process around, around this very tragic events as they are playing out.

What happens when we’re in fear and anger is bad decision making, right? We make decisions out of emotion. People get angry, more violence continues. And we have this feeding frenzy that doesn’t end. And ultimately part of what’s happened as a result of this frenzy is more rights, more freedom curfews have been put in place. Now I’m not disagreeing with the curfews. I think where there’s riots and protests that are where there’s violence and there’s burning, I think certainly the law enforcement has an obligation to protect the people. That’s why we pay taxes so that law enforcement will protect us. Again, the media is driving this false narrative and they’re not showing you much of the humanity of what’s what’s happening, but they’re showing you the burning, the fear and the anger, and that’s leading to, in my opinion, more violence, more rights and more problems.

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