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Sick and tired of being sick and tired? Are you unable to tap into a reservoir of energy when needed? Fatigue can be the culprit, and for millions of people, its effects can be debilitating. The cause of fatigue is multi factorial. Lack of exercise and improper diet play the largest role for most; however,
there can be underlying contributing issues as well.

Simple laboratory testing can discover a number of potential causes for fatigue:
Thyroid deficiency
liver dysfunction

00:00 – intro and overview
00:57 – Fatigue by the numbers
02:03 – common causes of fatigue
24:15 – supporting research
27:33 – mycotoxins and fatigue
30:12 – mitochondria and energy production
36:56 – solutions for fatigue
40:49 – Q&A

But what do you do when your doctor runs all of these tests and they come back normal?
This is too often the case for fatigue sufferers. Many doctors cite depression and try to prescribe medication despite adequate proof to do so. Many doctors simply refer the patient out to a psychiatrist. The bottom line is that fatigue sufferers are often left with unacceptable choices that don’t address the root of the problem.

Tune in to this episode of Pick Dr. Osborne’s Brain as he discusses some of the major lifestyle factors that can cause, contribute to, and perpetuate fatigue in your life.

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