My favorite zinc supplements:

In this episode of Pick Dr. Osborne’s Brain, I break down Everything you need to know about Zinc, zinc supplements, deficiency, health problems, and more.
Included are:
1. Symptoms of Zinc Deficiency – Include poor immune function, white spots on the fingernails, easy bruising, anemia, fatigue, low testosterone…
2. The best food sources for zinc – oysters, animal meets, avocado…
3. Best zinc supplements – citrate, picolinate, monomethionine…
4. Diseases linked to zinc deficiency – colds and recurrent infections, injury pronicity, failute to thrive, inability to gain weight.
5. Functional of zinc in the body – immune regulation, antioxidant, DNA replication…
6. Medicines that cause zinc deficiency – steroids, antacids, antibiotics, estrogen…
7. Lifestyle behaviors and diet mistakes that lead to zinc deficiency – high stress, high sugar intake, vegan diets, foods that damage the gut and create inflammation.

To download the diagrams from this video, and to learn more about zinc, check out this article.


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