Mistakes start at 2:26

Don’t make these low carb Keto diet mistakes!
Top 7 Keto (Ketogenic) Diet Mistakes made by keto newbies
1. No proper transition into a high fat diet. Going from high carb to high fat overnight can trigger a keto flu because the body struggles to generate energy efficiently from fat at first.

2. Consuming artificial sweeteners. Many of these products will create a hormonal insulin effect and interfere with a keto diet.

3. Eating processed keto products

4. Too much dairy. Processed dairy can be highly inflammatory, and consuming too much can lead to a deterioration in health.

5. Hidden sugar (found in bacon and other processed foods)

6. Excessive Measuring – This leads to increased stress, cortisol output, and blood sugar issues.

7. Too many calories. Eating too much fat can lead to weight gain.

8. Eating pseudo food. Food that is full of processed dyes, preservatives and additives aren’t food, and won’t improve your health.

Don’t get mad because I gave you 8 keto mistakes instead of 7 ;)
Head this advice on your keto diet plan, and not only will you avoid the keto flu, you will master the health benefits of the ketogenic diet.

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