Who is at greatest risk for developing a vitamin B12 deficiency, even though you may have a diet or supplementation that’s adequate in vitamin B12?

Some of the people that I see that come back highly vitamin B12 deficient are athletes, and that’s mainly because the oxygen requirement of an athlete is much greater. So if you’re an athlete and you’re really struggling with low energy and lethargy, again, get back and ask your doctor, “Run that test.”

Ask your doc to measure your intracellular vitamin B12 level if you really want to know about longterm deficiency, because the fact of the matter is that B12, when it does its job, it works inside the cell.

Everybody has homocysteine, but if your homocysteine shoots up over 11, then you might have a vitamin B12 deficiency.

Ask your doctor, “Run methylmalonic acid.” This is a marker for potential vitamin B12 deficiency as well.

These markers are going to help you and your doctor detect that vitamin B12 deficiency much, much sooner.

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