Crash Course on Bone Health, Gluten, Nutrition, and More.

Think you might have a gluten sensitivity? Take the gluten quiz right here.

You can fast forward through this video to view specific topics on bone health listed below:

00:00 – intro and overview
00:55 – what does bone loss have to do with the lockdown?
02:03 – risk factors for bone loss
05:22 – medications that contribute to bone loss
14:25 – how gluten contributes to bone loss
21:00 – critical nutrients for bone health
28:08 – How to exercise to build bone density
32:00 – Tabata style exercises
39:00 – Side effects of taking “bone loss drugs”
40:39 – Q&A

For more information and a full list of medical references and images from this video related to gluten and bone loss, you can visit this comprehensive page here.

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