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The average person in the United States over 40 is on five or more medications.

So here is a list of Causes of Zinc Deficiency Your Doctor Didn’t Warn You About.

If you’re on blood pressure medications, monitor your zinc levels, because when you start inhibiting your zinc the problem with people on blood pressure medications is again, you’re lowering your blood pressure to try to reduce your risk of heart disease.

Remember all those functions of zinc that we talked about in the other videos of this series. It plays a role in structural proteins, plays a role in healing of the gut, plays a role in detoxification, plays a role as an antioxidant.

There’s so many different things that are wrong with lowering blood pressure and causing zinc deficiency that actually end up increasing the risk for heart disease.

Estrogens can inhibit zinc, causing a deficiency. And it doesn’t matter whether it’s oral, whether it’s sublingual, doesn’t matter whether it’s under the skin type of troche, doesn’t matter how you’re using it you know, whether it’s a lotion, whether it’s an under the skin pellet or whether it’s an oral medication and even those of you who have vaginal inserts that are birth control that secrete slowly estrogens over time.

Most people want to block inflammation because they’re either having pain or they’re having some type of chemical reaction on their skin. Zinc deficiency can cause dermatitis, inflammation of the skin.

Doctors will give steroids to block inflammation in the skin, but these steroids are known to deplete zinc.
Some people have vitamin A or zinc deficiency and that creates dermatitis.

A fourth class of medications that can cause zinc deficiency are antibiotics.

Remember, some of the symptoms associated with zinc deficiency are easy wound damage.

For the collagen to be elastic and strong in your skin and your blood vessels and your tendons and your ligaments, you need zinc to help bind those cross links on collagen to be strong and elastic and that’s one of the reasons why some of the antibiotics trigger joint and tendon pain.

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