Look, I’m not saying that everybody should have a model-esque figure with chiseled muscles, but when the fat that the person has is from excessive carbohydrates, you have to understand that “big and beautiful” also means “big and inflamed”.

It’s a comorbidity of heart disease. And the fact is that it’s arguably the number one cause of death in the United States. So we certainly don’t want to celebrate obesity. Now, you can have fat storage. We see this in the Intuit people where they are bigger, but the type of fat that they’re eating and the type of fat that they’re storing is not this inflammatory fat. Almost 80 plus percent of their diet is actually animal fat and they don’t have heart disease. One of the reasons is their genetics are a little different than the average Americans.

We want to understand where the fat is coming from. And if that fat’s coming from an inflammatory direction and it actually is going to increase your risk for dying of heart attack, cancer, diabetes or some other type of obesity related deaths….it’s not something we really want to attempt celebration for. It just doesn’t make a whole lot of common sense to me.

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