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Digestive Acid Supplement:

Gluten Free Vitamin C –

00:00 – is there a maximum number of eggs one can eat per day?
00:45 – what should free range poultry be fed?
01:27 – constipated on a carnivore diet and nothing seems to work.
02:27 – what can I do for loose skin after losing a lot of weight?
02:59 – how do you find the calorie count of things like fresh fruits and vegetables?
03:57 – is diabetes a nutritional deficiency?
04:40 – are tiger nut and cassava safe?
05:00 – what is your vitamin C supplement made from?
06:00 – can insulin issues cause constant sweating?
07:09 – won’t your weight normalize if you eat properly?
09:11 – could cacao, Yerba mate, etc help with weight loss?
10:11 – I am on a vegan diet and am very gassy. What can I do to reduce gassiness?
11:00 – best test to test hormones?
12:22 – is is true that when you consume foods that are allergens that you increase inflammation?
12:30 – what is a general exercise regimen you would recommend?
13:11 – what about exercising if you have osteoporosis?
14:45 – I got gout 1 year after I started keto…are they related?
16:40 – can you lose weight after menopause?
17:50 – is your Detox C classified as a nightshade?

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This video is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. It is strictly intended for educational purposes only. Additionally, this information is not intended to replace the advice of your physician. Dr. Osborne is not a medical doctor. He does not treat or diagnose disease. He offers nutritional support to people seeking an alternative from traditional medicine. Dr. Osborne is licensed with the Pastoral Medical Association.

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