Tonight we’re going to be talking about the potential possibility of a food shortage. So the question we’ve had probably more people typing in or writing in about is whether or not a food shortage is coming. Nobody can probably truly predict whether this is going to happen, but there’s an old saying “chance favors the prepared” or “failing to plan is planning to fail”. Pick your cliche and if you’d like to add another similar one, please do so in the comments! So really, what are we talking about in regards to a food shortage?

We know right now that dozens of manufacturing plants have closed due to infections with workers. Many restaurants have stayed open and a lot of restaurants are delivering food, but there’s been a downregulation of processing of food because of the restaurant closures. And because of the restrictions that have been put on put on restaurant industry as a result of the pandemic. Now not only do we have a down-regulated production, but we also have plants that have closed as result of infection.

Nobody is going to tell you whether with 100 degree certainty whether this is going to lead to a massive food shortage or not. But we kind of have to speculate because the other thing that’s happening is that the grocery stores are seeing record sales. Now, one of the reasons why they’re seeing record sales is because people aren’t eating out at restaurants. So arguably one could say, okay, what they’re not buying at restaurants they are buying in the grocery store. But one of the other reasons why they’re seeing record sales, again, we’ve got people that are preparing for the potential of a food shortage. And so nobody can really truly predict this. But here’s this, let’s add a few more factors. So one of the holdups that plants, especially meat plants, is FDA inspection. So FDA inspections have to occur in order for the meat to be put out as safe for the public, right? So that FDA inspection has to occur. But we’ve got a hundred workers in the FDA (inspectors) that have come down with COVID-19 at the last count.

So we know they are already stretched thin at the FDA on inspections. So now they’re even more limited. So again, there’s a slowing of the process of inspection. There’s just as much food being produced, but the quantity being put out by the plants is reduced for several reasons. One, the restaurants don’t have as much of a demand to FDA. Inspections are taking longer because of sick workers or minimized degree of workers.

All those things kind of combined together to create the potential for less food availability as a possiblity in the future. And you just want to be potentially ready for that. Especially if you’re trying to eat healthy, then you better be prepared.

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