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3 Weird Causes of Hypothyroidism (New Research)
In this video, we discuss three very weird causes of low thyroid function or hypothyroidism.

1. Coffee – beware that coffee has been shown to reduce thyroid medication absorption. Coffee can also mimic gluten, and since gluten contributes to low thyroid function…If you are adding splenda or sucralose to your coffee, keep in mind that research has shown that this artificial sweetener can cause hypothyroid.
2. Artificial Sweeteners
3. Gluten Sensitivity – a number of research studies have linked gluten sensitivity, intolerance, and celiac disease to autoimmune hypothyroid disease (Hashimoto’s and Graves).
If you have a low thyroid, consider ditching coffee, sucralose, and gluten. And if you aren’t sure about gluten, consider taking the quiz above.

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