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    I stopped chewing gum with artifical sweetners and have been using Spry gum (and candies) with uses xylitol. I just found the following on the manufacturer's web site at

    What is xylitol?

    Xylitol is a natural sweetener derived from natural sources. It is also produced in the human body as a by-product of a normal metabolism. Our xylitol is of the highest quality possible. It is a pharmaceutical grade, meaning it must be more that 99.95% pure, and is made from non-GMO (non-genetically modified organism) corn fibers. It does not contain any of the corn grain and it is tested to ensure that no corn allergens, mycotoxins, or corn proteins of any type are in the product.


    So, this manufacturer's xylitol is made from corn but is supposedly safe. Is this really possible? I saw in another post that someone was using xylitol made from birch bark, so perhaps I should switch to that. Any thoughts welcome.




    It kills animals and if a animals finds a piece of gum (CHEWED) and gets it they can die.  I have a natural vet that stated this in her colum. Very scary!  If it's that toxic to animals I have to really wonder what it will do to US.  I read everything I buy because they put it in everything now days.  I will not buy it!  I love my animals was too much.

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