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    Austin Richmond

    Hey, this is Austin and I was wondering what type of oil I should replace olive oil with when making eggs on the stove. I took the delayed reaction test and found out I was allergic to olive oil, so I started using grape seed oil. But then just a couple of hours ago, I searched it on Google, and certain articles said that the omega 6 fatty acids were really high and unhealthy. Of course other articles said it was great for you, so I can’t figure out what’s the best oil to use. Every different oil online has conflicting opinions on whether they’re are healthy for you or not and I was wondering what is a good choice. Also, is flaxseed oil bad for you, when it’s a liquid as opposed to a seed, because that seems to be the only oil that I couldn’t find anything negative about. But then an article says it’s not good for cooking, but doesn’t explain why. I will probably be having a lot of questions in the future, so I appreciate your future responses.

    Peter Osborne

    I use coconut oil or rendered beef fat (from grass fed animals).  Both are healthy alternatives for cooking.

    All the best,

    Dr. OSmile


    Coconut oil is definitely the way to go if you are allergic to olive oil. Consuming this right types of Omega 6’s are actually beneficial to our health. Most people hear omega 6 and run the other way! It’s because as a society, we are lead to believe that omega 6’s, which is found mostly in fast food, ie. vegetable oils (made up on corn and soy-both of which are not even vegetables) are super unhealthy for us, will raise our cholesterol, and make us gain weight. Well that is true but not all omega’s are created equally! Coconut oil has been shown, time and time again, to be a healthy saturated fat. You can also try cooking without oil, use coconut milk (with delicious spices), water, broths or like Dr. O said, rendered fat from grass fed meats.


    Hope that helps Austin!!

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