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    I was tested at Enterolab (gene + stool testing). This was done 2006.
    I had ELIZA testing done last year (comprehensive), which strangely enough didn’t show positive for true allergies to apple, hazelnut…stone fruits (oral allergy syndrome, which I was tested positive for via skin test when I was younger…
    How reliable is the ELIZA test?

    I have just started a true gluten free diet, avoiding sugar, legumes and I am intolerant to dairy…
    I am feeling so tired again this year. Heartburn has come back as a constant companion…stomach aches. Very careful with cross-contamination.

    I am wondering about what other tests I should have done to get some idea on how to get healthy? And at what lab?


    I don’t have an answer for you about the labs. Sorry. I was just curious, what are the ELIZA tests?

    I found my heartburn- I have had really bad GERD for a while now- got much better after removing gluten. It make just take a while, or you’re right, there may be more testing needed to see what else might be causing your episodes.

    I also found I get very tired. Well, I have Primary Biliary Cirrhosis- an Autoimmune liver disease, that is known for making people VERY tired. But despite that, I found that when I increased my fats, I felt much better. And also when I take my vitamins! I increased my fats with real butter and heavy cream in my coffee (though I see you have a problem with dairy). But also I use lots of coconut oil, olive oil, and I eat nuts and full fat meat (meaning I don’t trim the fat off). These things seem to have helped with my fatigue. It seems like everyone nowadays is scared of fat, but it’s actually essential- especially when you’ve had to cutout so many other things from your diet.

    Anyway, just thought I’d share my thoughts on that. Good luck! I hope you get more answers for the testing!



    I messed up the spelling. ELIZA should instead be ELISA test. Not sure at what lab I had it done right now (was done via my chiropractor).
    Seems I have heard it is important to chose the right place/lab to have testing done.

    I used to be allergic to nuts (specifically hazelnut, not sure about the rest, to scared to try them). A true allergy where my tongue itched and swelled up. Along with apple, cherries, carrots, peaches, plums, nectarines… It is a cross allergy along with allergy to birch pollen. Bummer really. Cutting out gluten, dairy and legumes…and all of the other stuff.
    Well, so I had the ELISA test done (they draw blood and it shows acute and delayed allergies, I was told). My results were very surprising though. None of the nuts and fruits showed up. So I am not sure what to thing.

    I do eat lots of coconut (milk, flour and the oil). Good stuff.

    I used to have heartburn that made me get sores in my throat, even though I was on double dose of anti-acids. Crazy. Quitting the “traditional” gluten has helped, but bad heartburn has come back this year.. Not sure if I some how is getting cross-contaminated.. I have stopped using lotions, toothpaste and such.. I am trying to find safe almond flour online (we seem to have no safe options locally, I live in Alaska)…with not too expensive shipping.

    Yeah and feeling tired. Since I started getting real sick back in 2002 I am pretty much always tired. It has gotten better, but I am not where I’d like to be.

    So I have stopped all grains, legumes, dairy, sugar. Not sure if I have leaky gut or not, or messed up flora in my stomach. Need to find a good probiotic. So far I haven’t been able to tolerate what I have tried.



    Man, sorry you have so much going on. Do you take vitamins? I know I feel better when I stay on top of that. I believe D is really important because it is malabsorbed when we have gut issues. I’ve found that I really have to take everything, but I believe that’s my liver disease. Even my mainstream gastro gets upset with me when I say I forgot…So I guess it’s important. All the fat soluble ones are the worst for malabsorption I think- A D E K.

    That may not help you at all, but at the very least a really good multi couldn’t hurt! Good luck!



    Yes, I take multivitamins and a ton of vitamin D3. I just ordered a bottle of Probiotics online. Hoping I can tolerate them.
    I agree that taking vitamins makes a big difference. Smile

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