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    We're always talking about what to eat, but what do we drink?

        Is organic jucies OK?,  Or 100% jucies OK?,  The water we drink is NOT OK, but

    a lot of us can't afford the purifier that is recomented for the right water.

    SOoooooooooooooo   What do we drink?




    I drink water, (you can buy a cheap “brita type” filter for your faucet or a pitcher with a filter in it. I make lemonade, peppermint tea, occassionally I drink juice, (but very rare, it is terrible for the weight loss I want to achieve), once in a while I make chocolate milk from cashew milk (I use organic cocoa powder and stevia or xylitol or whatever sweetener you prefer). Most of the time I just drink water though, it is easy and you can usually buy a bottle of water when you are out and about. I must admit that once in a great while, when the rest of the family want to go to McDonald's I go in and buy an iced tea so I feel like I am “dining out” with them.


    I also have a reverse osmosis filter on my kitchen sink, it is not very expensive to buy and you only need to change the filters every six months.

    I also drink smoothies with  organic frozen berries, bananas, apple juice or coconut milk, I add coconut oil too since I am trying to gain weight.

    I drink iced tea sometimes if I am outside.


    I do drink organic coffee with pasture-raised creamer ( milk is from grass fed cows).  My 3 o'clock espresso is my favourite time.


    Fresh vegetable juices, if I get to it. 



    I drink water from my own well. Sometimes in the evening I make a shake with coconut milk, fruit, and stevia. Almond milk would work too.Smile


    What’s wrong with drinking tea? Did I miss something? I drink a lot of herb teas. My only restriction is that the tea is decaf.

    Stephanie Sherie

    lemon water
    light juicing

    tea (dandeloin root tea, green tea)

    and my fav:

    Peter Osborne

    Water, organic naturally decaf herbal teas Smile

    Anthony Rao

    I drink water mostly, by way of a Growonix R/O w/ high flow membranes. The water is quite pure and I test it regularly for PPM. Always 0 ppm. Nothing but H2o Smile


    Other than that, I juice using a Green Star – Twin Gear. I make veggie drinks using organic greens and carrots. I drink some Oolong teas [loose tea] too.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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