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    I am Cecilia from southwest New Mexico.   My husband (age 61) has lost a substantial amount of weight (20 pounds in 12 months and much of that weight loss in the last 4 months).  He is 6.1 and 160 lbs.   We eat an organic diet, raise all of our food including vegtables, poultry/eggs, beef, pork, and lamb.  We drink raw milk.  We have been GF (no grains) for 4 months with the exception of August when my husband was in the backcountry and was unable to eat as healthy as he would have at home – so he ate pasta and other grains.  Recent blood tests have not indicated any conditions such as endocrine or infection.  He has not been tested for celiac disease.  He feels good, not sick, no digestive symptoms, but must eat every 2 hours to aoid feeling “starved” and typically consumes 6000 caloies or moe a day.  My husband was raised on a farm, his mother provided raw milk, farm eggs, healthy food and lots of grains – homemade wheat bread – and he ate several thick slices of bread a day.  His diet has historically been rich in grains until 4 months ago when we went 100% grain free.  We had an appointment with a gastroenteroligst last week and as Dr. Osborne mentions, the gastroenteroligist was not concerned about gluten, brushed off celiac disease, did not inquire about what foods my husband ate now or in the past.  The gastroenterologist did prescribe a colonoscopy, endoscopy, and a CT of the pancreas. 

    Dr. Osborne do you have any information of weight loss or lack of nutrient absorbtion that may be helpful in this situation?



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