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    I have struggled with weight loss all of my life.  I thought going gluten free (traditional) was going to be my cure, well we all know what happened there I gained weight. Then, I came across this website (thanks to my niece) and stopped eating all grain. I lost a little but it wasn't continuous and very very slow.  Dr. O suggested giving up dairy and all sugar also, so I did that and again I lost a little very slowly though, like 2 lbs a month, which was better than before but I still wanted quicker results.  (I believe my hypothyroidism hinders my weight loss also.) I found a book by Dr. Mercola, “The No Grain Diet”.  I found that I also needed to give up root veggies, winter squash and pumpkin and no sugar of any kind including agave and honey which I was eating before reading this book.  I also only eat walnuts for nuts, I add flax seed meal to things as I can for fiber and Omega 3, I also buy Omega 3 eggs.  I buy as much organic vegetables as possible.   I don't eat fruit either, every time I eat even an apple I gain weight. I don't eat pork, I try to eat lots and lots of veggies as many raw as I can handle (I have colitis so I have to be careful with this, but raw veggies are best nutritionally) The weight loss is finally coming I lost 8 lbs the first week, then gained the second but that was due to my monthly, then this week I have lost what I gained last week and an extra lb.  I really think I have found what works for me.  I do take a multivitamin, B12, and calcium.  I haven't exercised much because I have plantar faciitis in right foot and bone spurs and achilles tendinitis in the left foot.  I am currently going to Physical Therapy, with a great therapist that eats very similar to me and believes in what I am doing!  She is not only a therapist but motivator!Wink

    I thought maybe others could share what works for them and maybe we can help people struggling with this problem find their way without all of the struggles we went through.

    Peter Osborne

    Great post Lori!  Thanks for sharing.

    We are working on something called the Gluten Free Health Matrix.  (Emphasis is on weight loss and achieving health)  It is based on my 10 years of clinical experience with patients and my 15 years experience with personal training and exercise programs.  You can get on our reminder list at the following link:



    Have a great day!
    Dr. OSmile 




    Thanks Dr. O I received an email about this and I have signed on!  Thanks for the help!


    Laugh   Thanks  Dr. O, also, I put myself on the list 🙂   I am happy to read Farmwife67 story here 🙂  I have lost over 33 llbs most of it since finding your site and I have to admit I haven't worked out yet since I am busy with my mom and all.



    What have you done to lose the weight?


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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