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    I cook thanksgiving dinner for my family and it is all about the stuffing.  I really don't want to have to cook two turkeys and I don't eat processed bread.  The only bread I eat is Elana's pantry's sandwich bread. I'm not thinking this would make very good stuffing, but I haven't tried it.  Does anyone have a recipe for stuffing, so I don't have to cook two turkeys.



    I tried an awesome bread recipe this weekend that I think might work for stuffing.

    For the “grains” ingredients, I used buckwheat and quinoa flours. I substituted guar gum for xantham gum. For the potato starch, I used a combination of potato starch and arrowroot flours. I didn't have coconut oil, so I substituted I believe olive oil.

     I used the basic bread setting on my bread machine that does not have the ability to customize.

    The bread turned out really well except for a couple issues–the bubble holes were a little large, so it made cutting the loaf into neat pieces difficult as it wanted to fall in halves. Using an electric knife helped. Also it rose too much and bubbled over the top of the container, so I opened it up to try to keep it from burning, but I think I made it fall a little on top. Someone who knows about baking would probably be able to figure out how to adjust it for their machine.

    All in all, I was very impressed by this bread. It was similar to bread machine wheat bread, except more coarse.



    I've tried stuffing recipes from almond flour before, but wasn't fond of the texture.   But you can find recipes for it by looking up “recipes specific carbohydrate diet”.  There are a couple of recipe sites for that diet and there will be no grains in any of them.  Nuts, yes.


    Here's the links to a couple:

    Toward the bottom of the page:

    toward the bottom of the page


    Here's another:

    This one contains dairy. 

    There are other recipes on this site for stuffings.  Most use a base of a bread recipe from the Breaking the Vicious Cycle book, though, which is an almond flour based bread.


    Thanks a bunch, I am gong to try the one with navy beans to see how I like it!  I tried the sausage and mushroom ones and didn't care for them.  It was too rich for me, I not a big sausage person.Cool





    8 Cups with
    ½ cubed cut squares of Gluten Free Walnut, Rosemary Bread OR your favorite GF
    (gluten free) bread.  (honestly your
    better off making your own bread I have yet to find a healthy bread).

    ½ Cup Butter, 1 stick

    2 Cup Chopped onion- Walla
    Walla or other type of sweet onion. 

    2 Cup Chopped Celery WITH
    leaves on it

    ½ Cup Chopped Fresh Sage

    1 T. Minced Fresh Thyme

    2 Large Eggs, lightly

    1 Tsp. Sea Salt (or
    healthy salt) or to taste

    1/ Tsp. Pepper or to taste

    1 Cup Gluten Free Chicken
    broth (watch ingredients in these products)



    Preheat oven to 350

    Spread bread cubes n one
    layer on 2 large baking sheets.

    Bake for about 12 minutes OR until cubes are dry,

    Allow bread cubes to
    cool.  Place cooled bread cubes in a
    large mixing bowl.

    Melt butter in a large
    sauce pan over medium high heat.  Add
    onions & celery &  sauté’ for
    about 10 minutes or until onions are translucent, BUT NOT  BROWN. 

    Add herbs to vegetables
    and sauté’ an additional 2 minutes.

    Add vegetable herb mixture
    to bread cubes & stir to mix.

    Pour lightly beaten eggs
    into mixture & stir to blend.

    Add salt & pepper &
    stir to mix.

    Add gluten free chicken
    broth & stir to thoroughly combine all ingredients.  If the stuffing is too dry, add more broth, 1
    T. at a time, being careful not to over dampen or stuffing will be soggy.

    Transfer stuffing to a
    battered 13×9 inch baking dish & bake for approximately 50 minutes or until
    the top is golden brown. 

    Tips: If you like a heavy
    flavored stuffing, add 1 T. of gluten free poultry seasoning to bread cube
    mixture before baking.  Test flavor &
    moisture content- melt 1 Tsp. of butter in a small skillet over medium heat,
    add 1 T. of stuffing & cook just until herbs, salt or pepper if
    needed.  If the dressing seems too dry,
    try adding another egg.  Too much broth
    can make the dressing soggy. 


    Found this on a site and made it twice now and it's really good.  Smile


    What kind of bread did you use?  Mine doesn't seem like the kind that would work for stuffing.  I use the one from Elana Amsterdam's almond flour cookbook.  It sounds good, just worried about the bread.  Thanks so much!!!!

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