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    Jackie Scarbrough

    OK I just want to bounce this off of everyone, what does it sound more like?

    Here is the pertinent background information.  My husband and I have four kids ranging from age 2 to 8 years old.  We are all grain, dairy, refined sugar and soy free, very strict.  We buy free range chicken & grass fed beef locally, wild caught salmon, free range organic eggs, as much organic fruits/veggies as are available in our rural stores, nothing packaged or processed, do all our own baking, soups from scratch etc, you get the idea.  For over three weeks now the kids, but NOT my husband or myself, have had intermittent recurrent bouts of mostly vomitting, but also some diarrhea.  It has been passing back and forth between the kids, sometimes two or three having it at once, but sometimes only one at a time.  No fevers or excessive fatigue, just some mild congestion at first but none now.  In between these bouts they are completely fine playing and acting normally.  We also homeschool, although they are exposed to other kids at church but none that I know of have been sick other than runny noses.  One strange thing is that their vomitting mostly happens either in the middle of the night OR a few times first thing very early in the morning.  We've been calling it “midnight madness” doing multiple loads of laundry-bedding-in the middle of the night.  Then once they vomit they're usually pretty much right back to their normal selves.  At first I thought just a virus, but what's making me wonder is that once one of them is better for a three/four days or a week they'll start back up again, this cycle has happened to three out of the four.  Just seems very weird and wondering what you all think?  I really don't think it could be glutening because we all eat the same foods and I am very sensitive usually and I've had none of this.  Now it's going on four weeks and it just seems like a long time for a virus and has really got us wondering.  I have tried to pattern it with our foods, but there doesn't seem to be any pattern at all.  I haven't kept track but I'll bet we've had close to two dozen “incidents” since this started.  Anyone ever heard of such a thing with a virus?


    Are they better? You can check them for parasites or bacteria? My son was doing the same, throwing up on and off, now we are running these tests on him. I believe he might have gotten them from swimimg practice. But one can get parasites or bacteria anywhere, especially little kids , they put their fingers in their mouths all the time. It may not be related to gluten or virus.

    Let us know how are they doing! Homeschooling four kids! I have a lot of respect for you 🙂

    Jackie Scarbrough

    Thanks for asking.  Yes, they seem to be better, I think it must have been a virus that affected the kids but not us adults?  I was just starting to get worried there, but it has been over a week now with no one sick!  Laugh   If it happens again, I will consider testing them for other things such as parasites though.  Sorry about your son, did you find out if it was a parasite or bacteria? 

    Thanks too for the compliment!  Actually only two of them are old enough for homeschooling so far.  We all love it though and really you never can start too early, even the younger two are learning new things every day, just more informally. 

    Rita Bray

    WHEW!  Glad that is over.


    Jackie Scarbrough

    Looks like I spoke too soon, had a repeat bout in one daughter last night, now hubby is sick today too.  UGH!  Frown  I'm pretty sure it's a virus now, we'll see if I can avoid this…..

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