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    I had one of these tests done last summer. It worked similar to acupuncture. I held a metal rod in one hand while the doctor rub my finger with a metal stick on the other hand for each food I was tested for. My acupuncturist believes they work but my naturopath and husband are a little skeptical. For me, I thought it was awesome because my results followed VERY close to my blood test done for IgE and IgG antibodies food allergy test.

    I have an IgE allergic reaction to milk as well as beef and lamb (and I'm pretty sure goat, but wasn't tested). I have IgG reactions to numerous things as well. I had no antibodies for wheat, gluten, etc. whatsoever. So, on the Vega test I reacted to ALL dairy, beef, all alcohol, all caffeine (even green tea and decaf coffee), refined sugar and ALL nightshades veggies including the spices like black pepper! The nightshades is something my blood test didn't tell me. I have RA and I've heard you should stay away from nightshades anyways. Also, something the Vega test said I reacted to that my blood test did NOT was all forms of wheat, gluten, corn, etc! It said I was fine with rice though.. and I did have a Celiac Panel done in the past which came out positive but weak (TTG Ab, IgA = 22 H) which my Nat told me to quit gluten immediately. So my thinking is, I am not allergic to wheat but intolerant to it. I also know the Vega test does testing for EVERYTHING. Meaning, if you are allergic to it or intolerant to it, the test will identify that. It just won't be able to tell you which one. It did have a lactose vile that I also reacted to so according to the doctor not only am I IgE allergic to milk but am lactose intolerant. Funny thing is, I never in my whole life experienced any symptoms whatsoever (that I know of) to milk. People don't believe when I say I am allergic to milk because I never reacted from it. 

    So if this test IS the real deal, that would give me more peace of mind. Because I still haven't quit the nightshades or the coffee or the wine, etc, etc. Good thing about the test though, you don't have to have eaten the food recently for the test to be accurate.

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