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    Mike Baldwin

         I'm a 54-year-old white male. I had a severe fatigue issue for six-month periods in 2002, 2003 and 2004 that onset when it got extremely hot (over 100 degrees). I went to doctor after doctor. Blood test after blood test. I even went all the way to the Mayo Clinic. Never got any answers. Each time I returned to normal in about six months.

        Along the way I found out I have two autoimmune diseases (pernicious anemia — vitamin B12 deficiency so I take a shot once a month and Hashimoto's, a thyroid condition I take medicine for).

        My symptoms basically went away for FIVE years but returned last July and HAVE NOT gone away this time. It's been a 10 long months!!! I'm very fatigued. Depressed. Normally I have more energy than everyone I know. Now I feel like laying on the couch all the time and it's difficult to get up and do my job. Life stinks. I don't look forward to anything which is so unlike me.

        My question is a friend has set up an appointment with a natural doctor she believes will put me on a gluten free diet. I was tested for gluten years ago but tests showed it wasn't an issue.

        Going gluten free — cutting out pizza, hamburgers, bread, muffins, roles, sandwiches, etc. — doesn't sound like much fun, especially since we don't know if my condition is caused by gluten intolerace.

        Just want some feedback.



    Peter Osborne


    Gluten sensitivity is a major cause of autoimmune thyroid disease as well as many other autoimmune diseases.  The following article may be helpful for you to read:


    Traditional lab tests for gluten sensitivity are terribly flawed:


    I would encourage you to get genetically tested for gluten sensitivity if you need confirmation.


    In good health,

    Dr. O




    Hi Mike,

    We are the same age!  Being put on a gluten free diet is not so bad.  I've been on one since September 2010.  My body quickly responded and began to get better.  Our bodies have an amazing capacity to heal if we give it a fighting chance.  In my case, and maybe in your case, the only thing needed is foods of the right kind.  I eat everything except things with grain in them.  Now I feel like a fit 53 year old instead of a person that is older than Moses on a bad day!

    Good luck, Mike, and I hope you check back in and let us know how you are doing.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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