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    I just thought I would share our experience with using grocery store brand toothpaste.  I stopped using all flouride toothpastes years ago, making the switch to natural health food store brands.  Recently in an effort to save a few dollars, I started buying my kids Aquafresh brand because they are supposed to be Gluten Free.  At the beginning of October, I purchased a jumbo pack of Aquafresh Advanced at Costco, amazed that 5 tubes cost me only $5.  So my husband and I started using it, and at first it was nice to used foamy toothpaste that really freshened the heck out of your mouth and cleaned your teeth so well.  But within 2 weeks we were ALL falling ill with typical glutening symptoms.  It reached a pinnacle shortly after Thanksgiving until I finally pinpointed the ONE change we had all made—Aquafresh.  Their website says 'There is no gluten in any Aquafresh product.”, but I sent them an email explaining our problem and asking more specific questions about ingredient derivations.  Their reply back was that 'The majority of people can use Aquafresh with no problems, but they do understand individual results vary'…i.e.  Ya, we're aware that some people get sick from our product, but we follow FDA rules so don't use it if it makes you sick—-MY interpretation of that response. Yell


    My kids were floored, but learned a valuable lesson.  We use ONLY Tom's of Main without flouride, Desert Essence toothpastes or Coral White—-three brands that are very clear about the Gluten free status of their products and the ingredients in them.

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