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    John Bane

    Can someone please provide a toothpaste, shampoo recommendation. Thank you!


    I have given up trying to find a toothpaste here in the UK at least, John. I use 1 drop of peppermint essential oil in the morning and 1 drop of teatree essential oil at night and brush really well. Seems to work. I had a terrible gum infection which led me to the realisation of gluten sensitivity and as soon as I removed gluten from my diet and, importantly, stopped putting anything suspect in my mouth dentally-speaking, my so-called 'infection' which 5 lots of very strong antibiotics had failed to stop, went. Nuff said.

    Shampoo – I use an Oxfam range here but to be honest I wash it off really quick so if anything is in it, it Laughdoesn't have time to absorb!

    Patricia L

    Any recommendations for the USA??


    Shampoo: I use “Gluten-Free Savonnerie”. Been using their products for years and love them.

    Toothpaste : still looking…


    For shampoo I’ve been using Desert Essence Coconut Shampoo. It’s listed as 100% Vegan and certified organic. It says it has no wheat or gluten in it. I found out today it has a couple of ingredients in it that says they were derived from corn. That sucks….corn is in so many products out there that you can hardly keep track of it Yell Guess I better go back to the health food store and find another brand. You can read about this shampoo at

    For toothpaste, I’ve been using Dr. Mercolas Natural fluoride free toothpaste with Tulsi and tea tree oil in it.

    Diane Zides

    I use water to brush with and floss. Every few days I use a paste made with 3% hydrogen peroxide mixed with baking soda to polish and whiten. I use baking soda and water as a paste to shampoo with, and rince with white vinegar. No need to look for toothpaste and shampoo since both work great and are inexpensive.

    Rita Bray

    When I found out that I react to other things in shampoo and toothpaste besides gluten, I decided to go No Poo.
    google instructibles/How to go No Poo. It is amazing how great my hair is with two simple ingredients.

    As for my teeth, I brush with baking soda and water. Just 1/2 tsp. in my hand a wet toothbrush does it. I just brush, brush, brush, until my teeth sparkle. And my mouth feels clean.


    When you guys do the no poo thing, do you mix it up ahead of time in a bottle or do you mix it each time you do your hair. It sounds like a pain to have to mix it every time. Do you mind sharing exactly how you do it. I’ve read it online and am seriously considering this as I have little pimples that turn into sores that do NOT heal. I have cut out all grains and still have them so this is my next step.

    Rita Bray


    I have used it both ways. When you mix it ahead of time there are two things to consider. The solutions are cold, so you would have to be OK with pouring cold water on your head. I use Bragg’s Organic Apple Cider Vinegar with the Mother, and if the solution is left in a container too long it forms a mold. Do not ask me why. I was surprised to.
    Also you would want to use a bottle or container that does not leech plastic.

    I know it seems a little much to mix everytime, but that is the way I like it best because I can use warm water. I have been doing this for 8 months and the difference it has made in my hair and scalp is so worth the effort. My scalp does not itch and always feels clean.

    One more thing. You have to play with the amount of baking soda to the eights ounces of water. If you hair tends to be oily, use more. If it is dry, use less. At the time I started this, I had color treated hair and it still worked like a charm.

    One more benefit, it so Inexpensive!



    I tried using soap and apple cider vinager, also tried baking soda… Used it for over 6 months, so a good try. I live in Alaska and have curly hair…I got very tired of looking “funny”. hehe (My hair got very dry and frizzy) So I am back on shampoo and conditioner again.
    Anyways… I noticed an organic and grain free shampoo at Target the other day: “Shea
    moisture” is the brand. Just thought I’d mention it.


    There is also a brand called “Face Naturals” (facenaturals dot com) that have organic and soap based shampoos. A apple cider vinager conditioner. The shampoo does have guar gum in it though.


    I make my own soap. I won’t go away from home without it again. I didn’t understand why any other soap seems to make me break out in a rash, but it turns out mine does not have wheat germ as many recipes do.

    My recipe comes from The Natural Soap Book by Susan Miller Cavitch. One can possibly find it at a library.

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