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    Rhonda Topping

    So I went to my MD today for a yearly check up and to talk about the Beta Blocker I was on. A year ago I was having fast heart beats, chest pains, Esphagus spasms and pain in my sides. My MD put me on a Beta Blocker to slow down my heart after a Cardio-ologist basically released me after finding nothing wrong with my heart. MD also wanted to put me on Zoloft for anxiety. I refused it.
    Gastrologist performed a upper GI and blood tests. Negative for Celiac and he saw no cancer. He treated me with a very expensive, nasty tasting cocktail that numbs my entire esophagus for one hour. Told me I might have a possible Gluten Sensitivity and to try to stay away from gluten but that it would be impossible for me to go completely gluten free.
    I knew something was wreaking havoc on my body and I was determined to find out. I went on the traditional gluten free diet, found a little relief for a while and thought maybe it would take my body some time to heal. In the meantime I studied Gluten on line and that is when I found Dr Osborne and followed him on Facebook. I soon found out that corn, rice and oats were my enemies as well, causing joint pain in hips and in lower back making it hard for me to move, more chest pains and spasms, sore gums, depression, itchy legs, swollen ankles, weight gain, the feeling of ants crawling all over my insides and more.
    I’ve noticed that each time I removed more grains from my diet, I became even more sensitive to gluten and have reached a point that a tiny bit wreaks havoc on me. I strive to be completely gluten free, following a strict Paleo diet. I don’t eat out for fear of cross contamination.
    Two weeks ago I took myself off my Beta blocker and found even more relief. Smile So maybe there was some form of gluten in it.

    So today at my MD I told him all about the past year, how much better I am feeling and that I believe I am healing, but how careful I have to be.
    I told him about the Beta blocker and that I took myself off of it and have been pill free for 2 weeks now. My BP was 100/60. My Pulse was 52. Yea!
    He just listened and said Okay, Glad to hear your feeling better. I told him about Dr Osborne and he said Yes, he had heard of him. I then asked him if he could perform two tests on me. He answered “I’m sure I can”.
    I handed him a paper with the words… Elisa Act Testing and Spectracell Testing written on it, to which he then replied “Now why do you want these tests?” So I told him. He said he would test my D and B12 but I would have to go elsewhere for the Elisa Act like to an Allergist or go see what my Gastro said. I told him I would be making an appt to follow up with my Gastro. (Wish me luck there).
    It will take a week to get my results back on my D and B12 levels but get this….. He did not test my cholesterol or blood sugar or anything else which is what he does yearly. He did not even tell me when to come back.Surprised And He always says “I’ll see you in a year.” Hmmm wonder if he even wants to see me again? LOL. Maybe he knows with my healthy lifestyle and a Paleo diet, that I won’t be needing a doctor for the aches and pains and diseases of the modern day diet and lifestyle. Did I just get released from a Doctors Care 4 ever?

    I still notice some foods bothering me so I really want to have the Elisa Act Testing done. I have eliminated Night shade vegetables, root vegetables, poultry and eggs, nuts and any baked dish from my diet. I would love to be able to know exactly what foods are bothering me along with gluten. I just can’t afford the tests if insurance doesn’t cover it. Until then its trial and error, slowly healing one day at a time. So happy to be drug free and on the road to health! Why can’t our doctors see and believe Gluten is bad for all!


    I am happy for you to find the root of the problem and can solve it. That is great about getting off the drug. I treat my doctor and she treats me as if she is a consultent. She is there when I need her. She never tells me to come back. She brings her hand held computer (she said) incase I ask a question which is too hard for her.Laugh

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