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    1. I am too tired to make friends within a Church. Besices we keep having to find a new Church. I never was very social. I am withdrawn and anxious. Sometimes this has been better since going gluten free.
    2. I found some local friends with celiac, and though they get together and support each other I am not included. They share a common doctor and treatment plan.
    3. My husband thinks I am idolizing my life and absorbed with the health care topic, so does my sister. My Mom just thinks I am outrageous.
    4. We are on the outs with most of our extended family.
    5. I don’t seem to have the time and energy to pursue old friendships. They have long since stopped calling me. I don’t have anything to talk about that interests them. Every time I meet them, I need help.
    6. I have a couple of older ladies that I can talk to, but if they have Christian faith they don’t counsel me with Bible knowledge. They do listen and sympathisize.
    7. My children 9-24 years are being a blessing to me and now are showing some support of the diet. Yet, they make it seem like a “choice” I am making that would not be right for them. I am 4/4 alleles on my genetic test.
    8. I have a special relationship with my chiro. I have sent her countless e-mails about my health struggle the past 5 years. She doesn’t usually reply to them, but she does keep them in mind, pray for me, and counsels me.
    9. The Lord carries me. Isaish 44:3-4. He is faithful.

    This is after 30 years of celiac symptoms. I am now recovering physically, but feel like I am struggling against other people that do not understand. I am glad for the forums which I am on, because I can receive and offer support. For some reason writing has always been the way I communicate better.

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