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    Bruce Murphy

    Hello All, 

    I have just joined this list, so please excuse me if this topic has already been done. 

    I self-diagnosed Gluten intolerance about 4 months ago after a  GF diet brought about an incredible recovery and improvement in my health.

    I got Glutinised a few times at first, before I really started reading labels and getting informed properly. I could tell i had ingested Gluten because I would get a loud ringing in my ears ( tinnitus) and a headache that would last for 2 days, as well as the abdominal and all the other symptoms. The ringing would start right away, within 15 minutes of eating gluten. I haven't had any noticeable ringing for a few months, and i was wondering of it was possible that i have managed to avoid all gluten for this long. I think more likely is that I dont always have the ringing anymore. 

    I have had incidents with abdominal symptoms, so im thinking maybe its a food allergy, or the IBS I was originally diagnosed with so long ago.

    My question is; have your symptoms to gluten exposure always been the same ? or has there been a change over time ??




    Mine have always been the same gastrointestinal, but that is only me don't know about everyone else.  Have you ever thought about probiotics.  We damage our guts so bad while eating gluten, sometimes we need a probiotic to help get rid of all of that bad bacteria in there.



    Bruce Murphy

    Hello Lori

    I have tried probiotics pills but the results have been mixed. I guess I should look into that more.




    Jackie Scarbrough

    Bruce, this is a very good question and I think everyone may be different on this issue.  I seem to have a variety of symptoms that I cycle through if I get cross contamination.  Mine range from fatigue and headaches, to canker sores, to weird shooting pains in my scalp, to skin break-outs on my face, to GI symptoms, to irritability and mood issues.  Only after watching these things over a long period of time do I now know to suspect gluten.  It used to be that having several of these all the time made it very difficult to tab anything as the cause.  “True” gluten free has helped tremendously.  

    I also have leaky gut with many other intolerances (soy, dairy, sugar, etc) and have noticed that expopsure to any of my intolerances can cause the same symptoms (for me anyway), but mine are definately most severe with gluten.  I've also found that the longer I'm truly gluten free, the more severe my GI symptoms have become if I do get cc'd. 



    Hey, Bruce.  I have only been gluten free (grain free) for 10 months, so still a novice, but I do notice that the longer I am off the gluten, the more sensitive I am when I do get contaminated.  I made sandwiches for a funeral recently, wearing gloves and not tasting anything, but had sores all over my tongue the next day.  As my body is healing from all those years of gluten, it seems like I go through phases of detoxifying.  And I will tell you that I could not live without my probiotic.  I take it twice a day and get it at Whole Foods where they special order one for me with no corn.  I continue to be amazed at how many supplements have corn and/or soy.

    You be blessed,



    Peter Osborne

    Welcome to the group Bruce!

    Symptoms can definitely change over time.  However, this depends largely on the individual.  Sorry my answer is so vague, but that has been my experience with thousands of patients.

    Dr. OSmile

    Bruce Murphy

    Thank you all to those who answered, I realized today that it was corn that was causing the Tinnitus and the headaches, whereas wheat seemed to cause more abdominal symptoms. I would have never been able to figure this out without keeping a food diary, and I was really hoping that I was okay with corn…..  sigh …  oh well, better to know than to be sick all the time.



    Peter Osborne


    You may find this article on hidden corn and corn gluten helpful.



    All the best,

    Dr. OsborneSmile

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