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    My brother is visiting over the holidays.  He lives in Chicago.  He asked me a trillion questions about my new gluten free diet.  He asked me about my symptoms prior to diagnosis.  Turns out he has many of the same issues I had.  His restless legs are so severe that he has involuntary leg movements and he takes medication for it.  He has hip and muscle pain and extremely dry skin.  

    I suggested to him that he is gluten intolerant.  I also made him a great offer:  While he is our houseguest for the next 5 days, he can easily try my diet of strictly grain free eating.  Grass fed meat, raw milk from grass fed cows, home baked grain free goods, etc.  What a super deal!  You would think he would jump on that opportunity to just try it.  Especially since I told him I began to feel better almost immediately.  Ugh!  He thanked me and then he picked up a cookie that he had purchased at the airport and he ate it.  

    I let it go.  I love my brother so much, but I can't force anything on him and I can't be angry or upset at him either.  After all, he is here in my home for another 4 days and he is going to witness how healthy and energetic and happy I am!  I really don't have to sell my diet.  I'll let my lifestyle speak for itself.  Hopefully, I planted a seed in his mind and that seed will grow.  


    Well if you need another seed, tell him to talk to me.  My Doctor told me I also have Candida as well as gluten intolerance and since I have changed my diet to a candida diet and am taking supplements my Dr. gave me I have NO MORE restless leg syndrome.  I was the same way I had it so bad, my husband would go sleep in another room because I was kicking him all night long. I would wake up and felt like I ran a race all night long, I was so tired and could hardly drag myself out of bed.  Now, I wake up between 6 and 7 every day sometimes earlier. I hop out of bed and am ready to go I feel GREAT!  I had to do more than just grain free to get there, he needs to find a good funcitonal medicine Dr. or someone like Dr. O.  Tell him all he needs to do is got on this website and read all of our posts.  I did find out though, that trying to cure yourself on your own is almost impossible.  We need to go have all of the different testing done, so we know exactly what supplements we need and exactly what diet to be on.  I was close on my own, by following Dr. O's grain free diet, but I also had to give up sweetner (diet coke was hard), potatoes (anything high in starch), vinegar ( I use some apple cider vinegar).  I no longer use ketchup or mustard, but I have found a way to make some ketchup with xylitol and tomato sauce and tomato paste. 


    Just keep planting seeds and hopefully it will sink in sometime.  I have 4 children that have a 100% chance of having gluten intolerance because I have the celiac gene and the gluten intolerant gene, but none of them will follow the diet  ages 17 – 22.  They are old enough now they have to chose their own path.  I did overhear both of my daughters saying they have tried a couple of times, so I know there is still hope they will change.

    Good Luck!


    Peter Osborne

    Just keep living by example Jean.  Healthy change can only come to those who are first, shown the way and second, are willing to make meaningful changes.

    Merry Christmas!

    Dr. OLaugh


    Good news, Warriors!  Brother is seriously considering taking the genetic test.  We didn't even bring it up.  He just said it this morning.  And then he wondered if there is a doctor like Dr. Osborne in Chicago.  I am on cloud nine this morning!  I think my new glowing health is hard to deny.  It is a very convincing argument and I didn't even need to say very much at all!  

    Have a great day, friends! 

    Peter Osborne

    Awesome!  Glad to hear the seeds of gluten free sprouting!Smile


    That is wonderful, just the hope that he may actually be tested.  Remember if he decides not to do it now, the seed is planted and he will probably do it sooner or later.  Because, he will start noticing everything he eats and how it affects him!  I'm so happy, I know how glad you must be!


    Just got an email from his wife.  She is asking me for my bread recipe.  I think we may have another gluten free warrior in the making.  🙂


    woo hoo that is GREAT!


    They made gluten free pizza last night.  The main ingredient was buckwheat.  Confused  

    I think it is hard for them to trust me about what I have shared with them regarding all grains have gluten in them.  They are going by the Mayo Clinic's list of gluten foods, which is so incomplete.  

    I'm biting my tongue and making myself stay positive about their approach.  It is a step in the right direction and that is a very good thing 🙂  Everyone has to find their own path towards healthy living.  We have a ton of respect for each other even though they think I'm a fanatic and I think they are taking unnecessary risks with health.  The space between our thoughts of each other is a whole lot of love.

    Have a great day!


    Peter Osborne


    Send this article to them –

    Might help them start thinking in the right direction.

    All the best,

    Dr. O


    Dr. O,

    Thanks so much for the article. 

    Yesterday, I received the most wonderful email from my sister-in-law.  They are officially a true gluten free household.  Let the healing begin! 


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