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    I just had to share what a successful family birthday dinner we had. I made regular chilli (grain free with grass fed meat) and white chili with organic turkey and GF cannelini beans. (completely safe) My niece who also eats grain free brought the birthday cake and we made homemade chocolate ice cream with coconut milk and cashew milk. My other niece did bring a regular birthday cake, but we kept that and the spinach dip and bread on a different cupboard. (thankfully the spinach dip didn't show up until after we all had eaten our chili)  It was so relaxing to have safe everything  (with a few exceptions).  My mother-in-law (whose birthday it was) told me, “we didn't need that regular cake the gluten free one was really good.”  We are slowly winning over members of our family and hopefully there will more grain free members than not in the years to come. I just had to share that you can have a “safe” party and still have fun.

    I only had one person ask for crackers and I just said, “oops, I never thought of them because we don't eat them.”

    Happy celebrating to you all!


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