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    The last time I flew on a plane I brought my own food. Here is what I brought; it was an oversea flight.
    canned meats

    I discovered it was better to show off what I had to security right away. A couple of times I forgot and they went through everything to find out what my canned chicken could be. After they tore apart my whole carry on, which had been carefully packed to hole everything, I set to the task of getting it back in on the fly! So when it doubt-show it right away. Ask if they want to see it. Say you are on a special diet.

    My last flight I rose to grab my carryon for the last meal and found my lunch. As I went to put it away, I thought I heard the steward saying that they were going to take my bag! I shrugged, I put it away and they left. I thought not much of it. Until I went to leave the plane. My carry-on which had all of my supplements and food was gone! We saw someone carrying a simalar bag and ran to catch them to explain the accident. That bag was not ours. I remembered to pray and we headed back toward the plane. Security stopped us and would not let us reboard. We explained that we had lost a carry on bag. Someone said, “this one” as they held up my bag. Shew, there it was. I was truly grateful as I walked away from the plane. When I opened the bag it had a whole bag of airline crayons in it. Someone had been in it. My food was all there though. The lesson learned be sure what someone says about your bag.

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