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    May I have your reaction to this statement that I read online today?


    People with soy allergies needn’t worry about products containing soy
    lecithin, because it is derived from the soybean oil, whereas the allergy
    itself relates to the soy protein.





    Peter Osborne


    I personally react to soy no matter what the form.  I would say that this is bad advice.Smile


    My reaction is “HuH???!!”  It sounds like a bunch of double talk to me, LOL!Laugh They are trying to justify a product made from Soy Beans with the same protiens in it that people who are allergic to Soy are allergic too!!! 

    Jackie Scarbrough

    It also reminds me of when I was told that barley grass was safe because it was from the grass itself not the grain……….so I bought and took the vitamins from a health food store, learned the hard way, IT WAS NOT SAFE!!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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