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    I checked my vitamins to find most of them contain soy and dairy, so I'll have to replace them since I just found out I'm intolerant to both. The only soy in my diet was what was in my vitamins and the soybean oil in mayonnaise. Anyone out there with the same issue and if so, what do you take?

    Peter OsbornePeter Osborne

    A good multi to take is called Life Guard.  Make your own mayo.  There are some recipes on the site.  You can call 281-240-2229 if your doctor doesn't carry Life Guard Multi's

    All the best,

    Dr. OSmile


    Thanks Dr. O.  I researched the web for over 3 years suspecting I had gluten intolerance, and became a member of your site since I consider it to be the #1 source for gluten information on the entire web. You were my inspiration for deciding to push my doctors to look for gluten intolerance, which I found out 3 days ago I have. Thanks to your site, I know exactly what I have to do.  I'll be reading the recipe section too. I plan to make my own mayo. Thanks for being one of the rare doctors out there sharing so much vital information freely. You've probably saved my life.

    Peter OsbornePeter Osborne

    Your Welcome Diane!

    You just made my day!!  I am glad you are finally getting the answers you need to restore your health.

    Have a great day!

    Dr. OLaugh

    Jacqueline ScarbroughJackie Scarbrough

    Diane-I just wanted to attest to the Perque Life Guard.  I have had intolerance reactions to most all vitamins I have tried in the past, most likely due to such things as you have discovered.  I can say that the Perque vitamins have finally been ones that I can tolerate.  I would just like to add though that on the label the LifeGuard recommends multiple per day for unwell/restoration of health, but I found that this was too much for me.  Maybe my impression of “unwell” was different than what it is supposed to mean.  I ended up starting to overdose on the B vitamins after doing this for several days, getting nausea.  As long as you're diet is clean then one should be enough (or so it was for me). 

    Dr. O-I think we all agree with Diane on her comments and thanks to you.  Keep up all the great work you are doing!   

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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