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    Hello all,

    It’s been a long time since I’ve posted. Happy New Year to you all!

    I’ve had a prescription for Chantix for almost a year. I just started taking it a week ago. Besides general bad feeling (head, concentration, stomach, etc…all of which I already have enough problems with), I now have major bloating and I think, some weight gain. I think it is mainly bloating. I used it in 2009 and quit smoking for six months but I want to QUIT for good. I know I will never feel completely well until I do.

    I’m wondering what I might eat or drink to help this. I’ve also read that Chantix can cause constipation but I haven’t really had much of a problem with this yet. It has (or something has) put me in a very bad, grumpy mood. Any suggestions for this???

    I got a new Ninja for Christmas so I have really been going at it with the smoothies. I am adding a lot of fruits and veggies to my drinks. I wanted this for general health as well as getting the necessary nutrients to help with the issues with my central nervous system. This seems to be the one area that has NOT improved since going gluten free.

    And I may as well add HOT FLASHES from my hysterectomy. Any ideas? I just started back on the patch. I quit it before because it did not seem to be helping but I started back recently because I really need to get some REAL sleep and that isn’t happening.

    I would rather do all this through proper eating and nutrition than prescriptions.

    So, actually, I guess I have need for helps in several areas.
    1. Bloating from Chantix
    2. Anything else I can do to stop smoking without drugs
    3. Help for my Nervous System…some days I think I can make it. I wake up and within five minutes my ‘insides’ are shaking and it stays with me ALL day!

    Thanks for any advice!!!


    “I would rather do all this through proper eating and nutrition than prescriptions. “

    Good! I assume you checked the expiration date on the drug? Did you check if it has gluten?

    I wonder if there is an herb to help quit smoking.

    What are the symptoms of withdrawl from cigarettes? My withdrawl symptoms from gluten seemed to cause irritability and fatigue. I wouldn’t be surprised if cigarette withdrawl includes those.

    Keep on trecking down the road and perhaps give us an update.



    Hi Diana and thanks for your reply!

    Yes, the expiration date is good and from what I have read, Chantix is gluten-free. Now as for the type of fillers in the medication, I don’t know about that.

    After I posted the above message last night, I realized I should have been more specific that the symptoms I have are not new. They started way before my attempt to quit smoking and way before my hysterectomy.

    I’ve read about the neurological symptoms from celiac and how these are sometimes the last to go. Well, I believe that!

    If anyone knows of any herbs/foods/etc. to help with smoking cessation, hot flashes, and all the neurological issues, I would certainly appreciate your input. Oh, and the bloating!

    I know you generally gain a few pounds when you quit smoking. I don’t like it, but am prepared for it. I MUST be successful this time. That in itself has to help my nerves to some extent.

    Thanks. :-)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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