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    I am 6 months grain free. I had 30 years of symptoms. I still have bloating in my abdomen. I also am having some mild pains there. One day the MD asked me to do one sit up. I am generally really a marshmallow for whatever a doctor says to do, but I refused. She wondered why. I said because I was afraid I would tear something. I like to excercise in other ways, but just now I am leaving that tummy alone. Has anyone tried to overcome this fear, or has anyone done sit-ups to their advantage?

    Peter Osborne


    It is imperative that you overcome this fear.  You should be able to perform a situp without tearing.  Physical muscle is critical to your long term health.  Avoidance will only exacerbate the issue.  Sit-ups, push ups, squats, and lunges are four exercises that everyone should be able to perform with relative ease.


    All the best,

    Dr. OSmile


    Okay, so the other night I felt strong and did one. There were no tears, pulling or strains. I think I could do some more.

    Hmm maybe I shouldn’t have said that I was a marshmallow! I sure need to cut threw my brain fog. I am working on it.

    10 situps easy as pie. How come three months ago it seemed impossible?


    15 situps and no pain. I guess I must still be numb. I recall how I couldn’t do squats because I couldn’t breath in the past. Now they are too easy to feel like they are doing anything!

    Jackie Scarbrough

    That’s really great Diana!!



    I don’t understand how one day it can seem so effortless, while the next day number one is hard!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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