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    I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a true gluten free vanilla extract?  Even the “healthier” organic brands are derived from grain alcohol.  Are there any safe store bought brands?  I will probably end up making my own with vodka (potato based) and vanilla beans.  However, that takes about 2 months to be fully ready to use.  I would love one I can buy when needed.




    Jackie Scarbrough

    I use Olive Nation pure vanilla extract, it is gluten free and alcohol free.  I get it on amazon, hope this helps and will work for you.


    We are in the process of making our own vanilla extract with vodka and vanilla beans.  It will be finished brewing on February 12!!  

    Cara Hacking

    I checked out the Olive Nation, and it has glycerin (not sure if from corn or not), but also sugar. I react badly to sugar.

    I made some vanilla from vodka and vanilla beans. After just two weeks it was just fine to use. It smells and tastes great. You do have to be careful about the vodka, though–a lot is made from grain.

    Jackie Scarbrough

    When double-checking on this, I also noticed that for the Olive Nation brand vanilla online they list “glycerin”, but none that I have received list glycerin on the label….so I'm thinking their must be different formulations.  I had emailed the company quite awhile back asking about this inconsistency along with questioning if the product contained anything derived from corn or sugar (for my son).  They just replied that the product did contain sugar in the sucrose and caramel color, but that it contains nothing derived from corn.  A small amount of sugar isn't an issue for me personally, but I know it can be for some especially with candida so…..  

    With all this ambiguity and uncertainty, does anyone else have a vanilla extract they can suggest (other than making your own)?

    Still, as with anything, I'm sure making your own is a great way to go whenever possible. 


    I use Frontier Alcohol Free but it has glycerin as well, not sure what it is derived from, will have to check…

    Elaine L

    My practitioner checked on this and received an email from Frontier stating, “Yes, our vanilla flavor is gluten & corn free.

    The ingredients are vegetable glycerin which is derived from palm kernel oil and vanilla bean extractives in water.”

    I hope this helps.


    You know, you could just use ground up vanilla beans.   That is what I use for virtually everything.   It is expensive and your recipes will have all the little brown flecks in them, but I don't care about that.  I get mine from the Natural News store.Laugh

    Rita Bray

    Most vodkas are made from grain, right? 


    I love the idea of the crushed vanilla beans.  How do you crush them?  How do you store them?  Where do you purchase your vanilla beans?


    I get my vanilla beans from They are large and plentiful for the price, and very good as well. I just love that store. Everything is so fresh.

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