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    After spending an hour on the phone with the Listerine people, they confirmed what I knew on my old classic, LIsterine mouthwash, that of course, with alcohol in it, it contains grain.  But what I didn't know is that the new Listerine Zero, which is alcohol-free, has BUTTER in it.  I can't do dairy, so that was not going to work as a substitue.

    Dr. O, what can you recommend for mouthwash that is safe please?  Thank you.



    Wow!  Good to know.  In fact, we quit using Listerine about a year ago because I did suspect it causing problems.  Did the Listerine people tell you which grain their alcohol is made from ?  I am eagerly awaiting to hear about a safe ready made mouthwash.  But I'm pretty sure you can make your own out of hydrogen peroxide, mint oil and or tea tree oil.

    Peter Osborne

    Mouthwash is toxic and not necessary.  If you would like something to freshen your breath, you can use peppermint oil pearls.  

    Ultimately bad breath doesn't exist when we eat clean foods that are good for us…Wink

    Jackie Scarbrough

    Do you have a particular brand of the peppermint pearls that are safe?  Even with a clean diet (and I don't think I have bad breath), I work very closely with people at my job so I like to be extra sureWink.

    Peter Osborne

    I use Orthomolecular on occasion.  If you have a soy problem it won't work for you.  I enjoy organic peppermint leaf the best.  Put it in you mouth and chew.Smile

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