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    Jackie Scarbrough

    I recently had alcat (delayed food allergy) testing done which tested my reactions to hundreds of foods, molds, pharmacologic agents, food additives, functional foods and herbs etc.  Much to my surprise the results showed that rice and corn are supposedly “safe” foods for me.  I'm not sure what to think of this.  I am hesitant or RESISTANT, to say the least, to try adding these back into my diet.  BUT I am feeling very intimidated by the proposed rotation diet which followed my results.  Is it possible that with leaky gut I could tolerate these grains, or what would be the reason for this test showing no reaction to these for me? 

    Also, the test confirmed my sensitivity to gluten, but showed I had no reaction to gliadin AND I reacted to casein but not to whey.  It said I should still avoid all glutens (which were listed as wheat, rye, barley, malt, and oats) and cow and goat milk, which I already do anyway.  I know gluten is the protein portion found in all grains, so shouldn't I avoid all forms of gluten (not just those grains with gliadin)? 

    I paid aLOT to have this test done and now I'm nervous about trusting the recommendations!  Cry  I may also be having withdrawls from this rotation diet, detoxification.

    On the “bright side” I did learn that I have reactions to several things regular in my diet: “severe” reactions to tomato, pear, & cod (in my omega supplement) and “moderate” reactions to fluoride (in my toothpaste), flax, blueberries, pineapple, cranberry, sunflower, venison, and kidney & string beans.  So hopefully eliminating these from my diet will help tremendously in my path to feeling good.  Also moderate and severe reactions to several molds, but no reaction to candida, which I was concerned about, so glad about that.   

    Has anyone here ever had delayed food allergy testing or followed a rotation diet?  I'm wondering how long before I feel GOOD! 

    Actually, I'm also wondering how do I get enough omegas into my diet without a fish oil supplement or flax?

    I have way too many questions, sorry.


    I have LOTS of experience with delayed sensitivity testing and rotation diets.  I've had both ALCAT and Immunolabs several times over the past 3 years.  They all initially made me feel better and then gradually over a period of 2-3 months I would start reacting to the foods I was eating even though I was rotating as prescribed.  I think there were a couple of issues at play here.

    First, I was not grain-free.  If rice and corn were okay on the test, I would eat rice and corn.  What I understand now is that by doing so I was continuing to aggravate the leaky gut rather than help it heal.  Google “zonulin” to get a better understanding of the cause of leaky gut.  Zonulin is now believed to be the protein that regulates gut and brain permeability.  Gluten from ANY grain interferes with zonulin's ability to do it's job.  The grains give you leaky gut in a way that the ALCAT test doesn't measure.  That is why rice and corn appeared to be “okay” for you when really they're not.  The ALCAT test's “positive” result for gluten is just showing that you have absorbed this protein and your body has recognized it as foreign.  According to Dr. Osborne, other substances that can interfere with zonulin (independently of whether you “react” to them or not) are dairy, soy, and peanuts (actually all legumes, but peanuts are the worst offenders).  So, if you are trying to heal a leaky gut, avoiding these foods, at least in the short term, would be helpful.  And definitely continue to follow the True Gluten-free diet.

    Second, the ALCAT and Immunolab tests are not the most reliable tests out there, but since you have had it done, go with the results.  Watch out, however, for reactions to other foods.  If you ever decide to be tested again, the ELISA/ACT Biotechnologies test is the one recommended by Dr. Osborne for the best accuracy. 

    I am beginning to think that if you are truly gluten, dairy, soy, and peanut free so that your gut can heal, and if you avoid your “sensitive” foods while your gut is healing, then there is no real reason to rotate the foods that you CAN eat (Dr. Osborne, chime in here if this thinking is faulty).  If you find that your gut is not healing despite this regime, then there are other things out there that you can do to promote the healing of the gut (so I've been told by Dr. Osborne–I'm not sure what those things are).  I've been following this protocol for about 2 months now and i'm continuing to feel immensely better – a record I never achieved on the ALCAT diet alone.


    Please keep posted on your results from both of you.  Especially those now going legume, peanuts, and bean free.  the paleo diet is what I'm referring to and really want to know the results people get from removing beans, legumes, and nuts.  It's a seedless diet.  My results is that removing all grains definitley made a difference, and recently I've removed legumes, beans, and nuts, and I'm thinking I'm feeling better, not sure yet.



    I also had the delayed response allergy test done. It also showed that I could have gluten and other things I know I can't have. My understanding is that this test only recognizes DELAYED responses…not acute responses. So if you know you are gluten intollerant I would stick with that diet full fledged regardless of what that test said. Plus, I know for me that I have an extreme immediate negative reaction to caffeine yet the test showed no problems with caffeine. So, once again it goes back to that it only tested for delayed responses. I did not follow the rotation diet cuz it had stuff in it I know I shouldn't have.


    As far as Omega 3, I think grass fed meat has that (or maybe its omega 6). But if you can eat other types of fish I think sardines have high amounts of omega 3s. Also if you are interested I like this website: . You can look up foods and it gives their nutritional value. Good luck!

    Jackie Scarbrough

    Thanks everyone for your input, you are giving me hope that a person can heal a leaky gut with the appropriate diet (eliminating grains, dairy, soy, and peanuts?) and supplements, WITHOUT doing a rotation diet……I am not liking the rotation diet, but I will do it if it's the only way to heal a leaky gut.

    Great link Laura, thanks!

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