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    2 c. chopped roasted organic beets

    1 loaf (15oz.) any grain free bread toasted and cut or torn into small pieces (I used Against The Grain baguettes)

    4 c. raw milk (or milk alternative)

    4 eggs (free range)

    raisins (to taste)

    1 tsp cinnamon

    1/2 tsp. cardamom

    zest of 1 lemon

    sweetener of choice (to taste)

    nuts of choice (to taste)

       Put bread pieces, milk, and raisins in bowl. Soak for 30 min.  Blend 1 cup of the beets with the eggs, spices, lemon zest and sweetner (I used moscavado sugar) in blender for a few seconds. Add to bread mixture and soak for another 30min. or so. Fold in the remaining cup of beets and nuts. Pour into buttered 13 X 9 inch pan and bake for 50-60min. Serve warm or cold. With a dollop of yogurt on top is extra tasty.

       I want to try a savory version of this by swapping out the milk for broth and changing the spices. Add some sauteed onion, celery, bell pepper, etc.  and see if I can come up with a Beet Dressing for Thanksgiving. 

       Also, I steamed the beet greens and ate them with a little grassfed butter, salt and pepper while the beets roasted in the oven. Yummy!



    I wonder if instead of beets you could use winter squash. (as an alternative)  Your savory version sounds good too.  I would have to use almond milk, I would also have to use the grain free bread in the cookbook or Elana's cookbook, that texture is quite different, I wonder if it would work? (thinking out loud…LOL)


    I don't see why not. Butternut squash would be fantastic. Can't wait to be able to use the oven more! Let me know what other variations you try!


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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