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    Rita Bray

    There seems to be a problem that my replys are not posting, so this a reply to glutened.

    The information was what I thought it might be. I have sensitivities to other things and I seem to be dealing with a symptom that feels like
    I have had a gluten exposure. But I am very true to the gluten free eating, and since I am the one in charge of the kitchen, I do not have cross contamination. I eat out once or twice a month so I would guess there might be gluten that gets into my order even after I request a complete gluten free meal. But I am having more gluten symptoms at home than I like. The post I have about “What to eat?” was making me wonder if it could be from chicken or eggs, since the supplemental diet for pasture raised does include corn and soybean. But the symptoms are not consistent with eating those foods. I am sure I will figure this out.

    Thank you for your insight.


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